Here are all the available project documents in chronological order. Please check the dates to ensure you are reading the most recent versions. ​

Please note that the documents below are working documents that are regularly updated by the respective Work Stream members​

​April 2014

LCC Principles of Identification v1.1.pdf​
LCC Principles of Identification Appendix 1 April 2014
LCC Principles of Identification Appendix 2 April 2014

April 2013

LLC Presentation to the "Licenses for Europe" dialogue, Brussels, 15 April 2014

​The LCC Framework

The LCC Framework v1.0
Existing Rights Metadata schemas
The Digital Identifier Network (to follow)
The LCC Rights Reference Model v1.0​​
The LCC Rights Reference Model v1.0 (.jpg)
The LCC Entity Model v1.0
The LCC Entity Model v1.0 (.jpg)
The LCC RRM Exemplary Use Cases (.zip)
Technical Files (zip) - which includes:

                                               The LCC Rights Reference Model v1.0 (.eap)
                                               The LCC Common Rights Format (.xsd)
                                               The LCC Entity Model (.xsd)
                                               The LCC Allowed Values (.xsd)
                                               CRF Sample RRM use Case R1 (.xsm)


The LCC Principles of Identification v1.0
The LCC Principles of Messaging v1.0​​​​​​​
The LCC Principles of User Interface (to follow)

​November 2012​​​​​

2nd Plenary Session:

​​Please note that the documents below are working documents in a draft stage and are continuously getting updated from the respective Work Stream members

​​​Meeting Agenda

​     LCC where to next? Update Presentation


     Document: Scoping the options​
     Presentation: Governance of the project outputs


     Document: Progress report​
     Presentation: Summary of the RRM v0.2Presentation: Summary of the RRM v0.2


     Document: LCC specifications identifiers v0.2​
     Presentation: summary of current discussion paper


    Presentation: LCC Messaging

​LCC implementations:

     Presentation: Three case studies: Canadian Music Licensing, RDI and Copyright Hub​
     Presentation: LCC future areas of work​​

June 2012

Plenary Session:

    LCC Plenary Session (20 June): Presentation / State of Play
    A summary of the main points discussed at the plenary session
    Frequently Asked Questions Summary
    Updated Project Plan
    Communications Work-stream presentation

​Break-out Sessions:

    Messaging Work-Stream presentation

February 2012

Frequently Asked Questions: What it means to participate?
New Updated Questionnaire

January 2012

Frequently Asked Questions: Participating in a Working Group

September 2011

​In a follow-up session to the Digital Agenda Assembly (see June below) the EPC opens up its project to stakeholders to join the "Linked Content Coalition" with a call for action.

​Available documents:

    Project Plan (v.Oct 2011)
    Project Budget
    Briefing paper (v. Oct 2011)
    Presentation of the Linked Content Coalition
    Benefits of forming a Linked Content Coalition

June 2011

​The EPC presents a demonstration of the project "The Answer to the Machine is in the Machine" during the Digital Agenda Assembly at  Workshop 13: ICT and Management of Creative Content.

​Available documents:

    Workshop Presentation by EPC's Project Director Mark Bide, "Building a Creative content Access Alliance"
    Description of the project Use Cases
    Project FAQs
    European Commission: Workshop report 13. ICT and management of creative content
    European Commission: Plenary report from workshop 13
    European Commission: Video report from workshop 13

​October 2010

Presentation by Angela Mills Wade, Executive Director of EPC on the project "The answer to the Machine is in the Machine" during the 1st Stakeholders Meeting of the Digital Agenda

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