The initial focus for LCC is on implementations of the RRM for interoperability. 

The first of these implementations is the RDI (Rights Data Integration) project, a part-EU funded initiative which started in October 2013 and will conclude in December 2015.  In RDI, the owners and managers of rights ("Sources") and a representative range of different user search interfaces ("Exchanges") from all major content sectors have created a prototype multi-media rights data network. An RRM-based "hub" will carry out the transformation of data to enable queries and responses to pass through the supply chain from potential Users to Sources and back, via Exchanges if needed without the parties in the process having to deal with the complexities of establishing the relationships between terms and schema structures.  The aim of RDI is to prove the value of an RRM-based hub for removing data barriers which inhibit the supply chain. Participants also expect that new commercial relationships will be established through RDI.

The Copyright Hub initiative also supports the LCC, and the RRM is being considered as the start point for its data architecture.

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