The LCC Manifesto and Ten Targets are available as a single document

The Rights Data Network may be described as a network of authoritative linked data in which

  • all key entities in the rights data network have standard, resolvable identifiers;
  • these identifiers are linked in standard ways; and
  • the management of the identifiers and links is under registry procedures which ensure that they are under appropriate authority, and that parties with a legitimate interest in an entity can make sure that interest is correctly and publicly recognised. “Registry procedures” does not necessarily mean that there have to be managed “registry databases”, although of course these play a major role. In some cases the procedure may be a standard way of declaring data within a distributed network, as is described in target 8, the Digital Content Declaration.

The targets here are focussed on the declaration (or publication) of data in the network: there is arguably a need for parallel targets for the consumption and use of the data, though solutions there are inherently more likely to be technology- and market-driven. The ten LCC targets do not address standards of usage reporting or financial reporting.

Terms with initial capital letters (e.g. “Party”, “Creation”) are used as defined in the LCC Rights Reference Model.

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