The Linked Content Coalition (LCC) is a not-for-profit global consortium of standards bodies and registries. LCC members are organizations who create and manage data standards associated with content of one or more types, particularly for identifiers, metadata and messaging.

The purpose of the LCC is to facilitate and expand the legitimate use of content in the digital network through the effective use of interoperable identifiers and metadata.

The LCC supports interoperability between the computer systems of any and all legitimate participants in the digital network, including creators, rightsholders, publishers, aggregators, rights and content exchanges, retailers, consumers, cultural institutions (including libraries, museums and archives) and their agents and associations. Participation may be on any scale, from that of private individuals to multi-national organizations.

The LCC has set out Ten Targets for the rights data network which describe those developments in identifier and metadata interoperability which it believes will best ensure that the digital network operates in future as effectively as possible.


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